AWG Tech is a leading global supplier of RF components and sub-systems. We are based in Singapore.

The following is a list of parts that we supply:

  • Filters
  • Power Splitters/Combiners
  • Couplers
  • Switches
  • Power amplifier
  • Low Noise Amplifier
  • Low Noise Blocks (LNB)
  • Block Up Converters (BUC)

We also provide customized design solutions. Many customers engaged our services such as:

  • RF circuit and system design
  • RF pcb design services

We are in the midst of building our eCommerce store. For more information about our products, please visit or send an email to If you prefer to talk to someone, please call: (65) 8408 8454

Broad Selection of

RF and Microwave Components

  • Filters, directional couplers, power amplifiers, power dividers, low noise amplifier, microwave modules, LNB, BUC
  • Operation up to 40GHz
  • Customized solutions available
  • 1-year warranty on all parts


Waveguide Filters

  • Cutting edge technology to eliminate 5G interference for co-existence with existing cellular and satellite infracture networks
  • 5G Interference Elimination C-Band Filters – 4 models available from 3.6 – 4.2GHz

Wide Range of

5G Interference Elimination Solutions 

  • Cutting edge technology to eliminate 5G interference for co-existence with existing cellular and satellite infracture networks
  • 5G Interference Elimination C-Band Filters – 4 models available from 3.6 – 4.2GHz

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We provide standard COTs and customized filter solutions.

  • Band Pass Filter
  • Low Pass Filter
  • High Pass Filter
  • Band Stop (Reject) Filter
  • Waveguide Filter
  • Cavity Filter
  • LC Filter

Power Splitter/Combiner

RF power dividers are used to split a signal into multipe paths like 2-way, 3 -way, 4-way, 8 way, 12-way, 16-way.

Frequency of operation can be customized from 10MHz up to 40GHz.

Duplexers / Multiplexers

Diplexers and multiplexers are integral part of many cellular infrastructure networks. We provide standard and customized diplexers and multiplexers. These include:

  • diplexers and multiplexers for GSM/DCS/LTE networks
  • diplexers for digital microwave radio transceivers.

Power Amplifier

AWG Tech produces a wide range of power amplifiers with frequencies from 100MHz up to 40 GHz. Some examples of power amplifier are:

  • 20W Ka Band (35-37 GHz) Power Amplifier
  • 4W 6-18GHz Wideband Power Amplifier 

Low Noise Amplifier

Our LNA ranges from as low as 1MHz up to 40GHz. Low noise figures less than 1.5dB are available.

Broadband LNAs with operating frequencies from 1-6GHz, 6-18GHz can be customized.

5G Solutions

Providing components for 5G networks and eliminating intereference from 5G for C-Band satellite networks. Check out our:

  • 5G interference elimination filter
  • 3.4-3.6GHz 5G components
  • 24.25-27.5GHz 5G components
  • 27.5-29.5GHz 5G components


Directional couplers are characterized by the coupling factor. Typical coupling factors are 10dB, 15dB, 20dB and 30dB. Our popular models include:

  •  1-18 GHz 10dB directional coupler
  • 12-26GHz 20dB directional coupler

RF/Microwave Modules

Custom microwave modules include:

  • Amplifier assemblies
  • Switched Filter Banks
  • Pre-selector modules
  • Up/down converters
  • Frequency synthesizers.
  • Transmit/receive modules

RF/Microwave Test Solution

  • RF test solutions for automation of lab and production testing
  • Switch matrix
  • Signal conditioning interface unit (SIU)
  • HF / VHF/UHF/L-Band pre-selectors
  • Signal distribution systems
  • Custom design from 1MHz to 26.5GHz

RF Switch

Pin diode RF switches are used in many applications like radar and Transmit/Receive systems. We have a wide range of RF switches:

  • Frequency of operation from 1MHz-18GHz

Tunable Cavity Filter

Tunable cavity band pass filters allows the user to tune the filter to different center frequcnies with the same form factor. Our tunable band pass filter ranges from VHF frequency of 155MHz up to L-band frequency of 2.4GHz

SatCom Products

Our Satcom products include:

  • waveguide filters for C-Band, X-Band , Ku-Band and Ka-Band
  • Phase locked LNBs
  • 5G elimination LNBs
  • C-Band/Ku-Band/Ka-Band LNA
  • 2W/4W/10W/10W BUC for C-Band, Ku-Band and Ka-Band

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Global RF and Microwave Component Supplier from Singapore

Are you looking for high-quality custom made Radio frequency and microwave components?

Since 2012, AWG Tech Pte Ltd has been supplying high quality RF and mm-wave components to our local defense industry and to our overseas customers including United States, Israel, Canada, Spain, France, Thailand and Italy.

As an established and growing company in supplying RF technological products, we have established manufacturing facilities to build components that can withstand the harsh environmental conditions needed for military installations, railway transportation systems, outdoor satellite earth stations and marine signalling systems.

Currently, we are working with a local research institute to develop “space-worthy” RF components which will be able to withstand the harsh conditions when the system is launched into outer-space.


5G Solutions and Interference Elimination Component Company

The fast growing deployment of 5G networks around the world has brought about many interference issues to existing infrastructure networks, particularly to the C-Band satelite receivers. Depending on the geographical locations, C-Band 5G networks may operate in the 3.4-3.6GHz  spectrum.  This is very close to the frequency of C-Band satellite receivers which are typically 3.8-4.2GHz and this close proximity tend to cause saturation issues in many C-Band LNBs due to their high signal power levels compared to the low power signals from satellites.

Part of our 5G Interference Elimination solutions is to provide waveguide filters that are specifically designed to reject the 5G interference signals and yet allow the signals in the desired C-Band frequency to pass through.



High Power Amplifiers for wireless communications

One of the areas that AWG Tech has been working on is in providing high power amplifiers for wireless communications.  These power amplifiers are used in communication, electronic warfare and test & measurements and radar.  Some of the recent power amplifiers that we have developed include:

  • 1-6 GHz 4W Broadband power amplifier
  • 35-37 GHz Ka-Band 20W Power Amplifier



Tunable RF Cavity Band Pass Filter

Another key development is our tunable RF caviy filters. These filters allow the end-user the flexibility of tuning the center frequency within a range of frequencies.  This is a more economical solution for system integrator and telco operators who needs many different channel filters and do not want to carry inventory for many filters. Most of of tunable bandpass filters can be customized to customer’s requirements. Our popular models include:

  • 137-174 MHz VHf-Band Tunable cavity bandpass filter
  • 380-420 MHz UHF Tunable caviy band pass filter
  • 3.8-4.2 GHz tunable RF C-Band cavity bandpass filter

RF Diplexers/ Duplexers/Triplexers/Multiplexers

 Diplexers are commonly used to connect a transmitter and a receiver to a single antenna. GSM, LTE and other cellular networks, which use different frequencies for the transmitter (uplink) and receiver (downlink), require a duplexer to separate the uplink and downlink frequencies. You can also find diplexers in many digital microwave radio systems. Some of our popular diplexers are :

  • 360-362 MHz / 368-370 MHz Cavity Diplexer
  • 865-900MHz/925-965MHz Cavity Diplexer / Duplexer
  • 1710-1880MHz/1920-2170MHz Cavity Diplexer
  • 1850-1910MHz/3700-3820MHz/5550-5730MHz Cavity Triplexer
  • 1745-1780MHz/1840-1875MHz/1920-1980MHz/2110-2170MHz Cavity Quattroplexer
  • 5761.5-5788.5MHz/5901.5-5928.5MHz Cavity Diplexer